Those who want to get into the heart of the Hyblean culture have to learn how to cook the typical “Scacce”, or to prepare, with traditional tools , the juicy “Maccarruna cco sucu”. At the farm businesses “Zammarra” and “Agroittica Macrostigma” Giuseppina Giuseppina Milceri and Giuseppina Civello, entertain visitors with cooking classes, which will end with a tasting of the dishes prepared. Typical cooking classes are focused on the preparation of typical cookies and of the traditional “raviole di ricotta”.

Farm businesses “Zammarra” and “Agroittica macrostigma

Lesson 1: “Maccarruna cco sugu”

Typical carnival dish, it requires the use of ancient tools to be prepared: the comb and the spindles. This dish is usually seasoned with a tasty sauce made with homemade tomato sauce and pork meat.

Lesson 2 : “Scacce”

Exclusive dish, once upon a time scacce were prepared only once a week and only with vegetables in season. They were cooked in stone ovens. Today, however, scacce are preferably consumed for Christmas Eve dinner. They can be described as a stuffed focaccia. The filling can vary however the most appreciated are the ones stuffed with ricotta cheese and onion; ricotta cheese and sausage; tomato and onion; broccoli and sausage. All variants that, with the help of our teachers, visitors can learn to prepare.

Lesson 3 : Trout lasagna

Homemade lasagna with fresh trout .The trout is commonly used to prepare traditional dishes. At the farm business “Macrostigma”, visitors can learn how to cook the most popular fish in our creeks, the trout.

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